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The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future is a landmark piece of legislation that includes comprehensive changes to Maryland’s education plan for public schools and early childhood programs. This law increases education funding by $3.8 billion each year over the next ten years. The Blueprint offers opportunities for local school systems to innovate programs and practices with the goal of impacting students’ success and decreasing achievement gaps. The plan also recognizes the investments that need to be factored in to enable our educators to transform the system and reach new heights. The Blueprint provides distinct policies for five policy areas, also referred to as the pillars.

The purpose of the MSEA Center for Education Policy and Practice is to educate, elevate, and empower members’ ability to support and prepare diverse students by providing high-quality policy guidance and professional development support

MSEA is here to support educators in understanding this law and other policies that impact their profession. To learn more about the Blueprint, you can view the Blueprint Overview video and also check out our Resources tab. MSEA’s series of Blueprint explainers covers many of the specific areas where the Blueprint has the biggest impact on students, educators, schools, and communities. 

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  • Access COMAR 13A.12 Educator Licensure FAQ here.
  • Access MSEA ActionLine & Featured Stories to learn more from your colleagues and MSEA.

Below you will find the “Bill Text” and “Fiscal and Policy Notes" for the respective bills. The fiscal and policy notes provide narrative descriptions of bill provisions, as well as state and local funding tables. Note the information is based on legislation date.